Cristián Figari Jullian

Executive Officer

Royal Yachting Association (RYA) Yachtmaster and Instructor, he is the founder of Blueknot and passionate about sailing. Life have taught him the value of teamwork, loyalty, and self-demand. Despite facing a significant personal challenge, the amputation of a foot, Cristián has found in this setback an opportunity to embrace life with simplicity and joy. This resilience and optimistic outlook are at the heart of Blueknot, where Cristián channels his experience to inspire and lead his crew in the pursuit of their nautical and personal goals. His personal touch is present in every service offered, ensuring that the company is not only a leader in the nautical sector but also a vehicle for achieving a better world.

Roberto Kelly Oyarzun

Commercial Officer

Economist and documentary researcher, his life has been related to sport sailing and professional navy from a young age. He moved to Europe with his wife and four children to carry out his personal research projects in the Irish context, the Balkans, and the Catalan Mediterranean.

His professional career in senior positions within the Chilean financial industry has endowed Roberto with a strategic vision and a focus on excellence, which he now directs towards the commercial development of Blueknot, merging his love for the sea with his corporate expertise.